Disaster Strikes Back!

Computer Hard Drive Crashed and Broken ApartYou may have noticed my conspicuous absence lately.  I haven’t published any tutorials, games or videos lately nor have I published my uDemy course.

Unfortunately, I suffered some serious hardware issues with my computer setup and it appears that I may have lost ALL of my data.  Let this be a lesson that you can never have your data backed up in too many places, nor can you have it backed up too often.

As it happens, I’ve had drive failures before and I finally decided to “play it smart” and get a NAS with mirrored drives.  I spent almost $1000 on the QNAP setup with mirrored 4TB drives so that (theoretically) if one drive fails, I could pull it out and put in a new drive and I’d still have access to the data.  Sounds good right?  After all, what’s the chances of two drives failing at once.

Well, both drives didn’t fail at once.  One drive failed and, as I was expecting, I still had access to my data.  I ordered a new drive, it came and I went to install it.  Before I went to replace the drive, I noticed there was a new firmware version so I updated.  Apparently, this was the start of the disaster.

When the QNAP NAS came back up, it dismounted the drives and I could no longer access my data.  Even though it still saw the one drive as good, it wouldn’t mount the drive.

QNAP has not been helpful and it appears that nothing can recover the data, so that’s tons of work – GONE.

I’m still working with them, but it doesn’t look promising.  It’s so depressing.  I thought I was covered… and I should have been.

So take my advice, backup often and backup as many places as you can.  BACKUP your BACKUPS!  It’s just incredibly difficult to rebuild EVERYTHING.

Happy Holidays!

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    John Cressman the Editor-in-Chief at MonkeyUncle.com. He is also a web programmer, game programmer, instructor, and a big proponent of cross platform development tools for mobile game development.

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