5 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Mobile Game Development

Mobile game developmentI’ve covered this topic before, but my recent review of Secrets to Rapid Game Development reminded me that this is still an important topic.

We all come up with amazing game ideas but not necessarily have skills to develop those ideas into fully functional games. We need to hire or partner with game development studio’s to convert our idea into engaging game. Choosing the right developer, or development studio is most important decision and requires serious deliberation.

Before approaching the game developer, we must understand the general game development process. Game development requires various steps including idea refinement, preparing artwork, designing game mechanics and economy, game development, level designing, quality assurance and publishing. You may find this post really helpful for your understanding on Game Development Process. Please bear in mind that game development requires cross-functional teams and people with different skills, hence it ‘s better to work with a studio as oppose to individuals.

You can search few studios online, ask friends or reach out to platforms like Upwork etc. Once you have them short-listed, you much evaluate them on 5 factors mentioned below

Technical Expertise

The first criterion for game studio is technical expertise. You must validate if the studio has team members with varying skills including programming, designing, scripting and animation? What genre does it specialize in? Does it have sufficient staff/resources to carry out the task in time? Some of us might not be tech savvy to judge the technical expertise, but asking right questions can help us make much more informed decision. This is useful post for understanding team composition for building mobile game (http://blogs.geniteam.com/2016/01/15/team-composition-for-game-development/)


Always prefer a reliable and dependable service provider. You can always measure the studio on following factors:

  • Portfolio of company’s games
  • Knowledge base ( Blog, quora posts )
  • Years of experience
  • Secure and trustworthy
  • Projects executed

Cost of Development

No doubt, budget is important considering while selecting game studio. The cost of game development varies with a number of factors, that includes developers location, experience, portfolio, availability and game functionality.

Time Frame

It's all... Part of the Plan!A quality game must be released on time before the idea gets outdated. Game development uses hours invested on project as measure for costing. Always ask studio’s about their hourly rate and discount options. Game development studio charges between $150 to $30.

One Stop Solution

Last factor but not by any means the least, the preferred choice would be opting a one stop solution company that can deliver you game from Scratch to finish or in few cases to the generation of revenues. GenITeam is a mobile game development company that facilitates its clients from a simple idea, assist in story-boarding, character & background designing, art/animation, development, finishing and helping you to market the game so that you can make money out of it.

Final Verdict

Choose a mobile game development company smartly to make your idea worth it. Just ask yourself a simple question; does this service provider meet certain criteria and you are GOOD TO GO.
FYI! Mobile app revenues from app stores worldwide are projected to reach $45.4 billion in 2015 and expected to grow to $76.52 billion in 2017, based on forecasts from Statista. So better get your game/app out there and get share of this gigantic pie.


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    John Cressman the Editor-in-Chief at MonkeyUncle.com. He is also a web programmer, game programmer, instructor, and a big proponent of cross platform development tools for mobile game development.

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