GameSalad Course Not to Run

GameSalad MotivationAt the moment, it doesn’t look like my “in the flesh” GameSalad course is going to run this semester.  The college has been struggling with attendance and it looks like not enough students signed up this semester for the course to run.

Interestingly, it looks like my Corona SDK course WILL be running.  It’s interesting that the Corona SDK course (which requires programming knowledge) will be running, while the GameSalad course (for beginners) didn’t garner enough students.

This is the first time this has happened and it makes me wonder why.  If any course didn’t run, I would expect it to be the Corona SDK course since it requires programming experience and anyone with programming experience can probably learn Corona SDK on their own – or through an online class or online tutorials or perhaps even just through playing around.

The GameSalad course on the other hand is geared for beginners.  It’s designed for people who have no programming experience but who still want to create and publish their own game.

It’s an interesting turn of events.

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