GameSalad Extends 15 Trial

GameSaladGood news for those of you, like me, who thought the 15 trial was WAY too short.  GameSalad has changed the 15 day trial to no longer be 15 consecutive days but instead 15 days of actual use.  This is a good move as it gives potential buyers more time to play around with and learn the software.

Why Is This Important

As you may remember, I complained about this being a bad move when they changed from the unlimited free trial – which most of their competitors have – to a VERY limited 15 day trial.  As I pointed out then, 15 days is basically 8-12 hours for the average person.  Why did I say this?  The average person – who is a potential customer – is going to be at least 18 years old with a job.  Otherwise, they can’t afford it.

That means, they are working 40 hours a week, have hobbies, families and other commitments.  This means they are most likely have a few hours on the weekend to play around with the software.  Say they have 2-3 hours a night Friday and Saturday nights.  That’s 4-6 hours a weekend for 2 weekends before it expires.  When you factor in watching videos, looking through forums and trying tutorials… that’s not much time.

A New Beginning

With the new change, this means the same person who actually spread it out over 15 seperate days, or 7 weekends.  This is enough to actually get a good feel for the software, take plenty of tutorials, try some things out and search the forums and wait on answers.

So kudos to the GameSalad team for making a good decision.  Sadly, it comes too late to undo some of the ill will they earned when they made the short-sighted change in the beginning, but new users will definitely benefit from it, which will hopefully mean more GameSalad users in the future.

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