GameSalad Now Includes TRUE HTML5 Publishing

HTML5_Logo_512Those of you who are familiar with GameSalad have known that even though there was a publishing option for HTML5, it actually published to the GameSalad Arcade and while it seemed to be some sort of HTML5 format, there was never any way to host your HTML5 game anywhere but the Arcade.  This made publishing to things like Facebook impossible, since you could haven’t the game hosted anywhere but on the GameSalad Arcade servers.

HTML5 Unleashed

GameSalad recently announced that they are releasing TRUE HTML5 support.  This means you will be able to publish to a true HTML5 format and host it on your own server or on someone else’s server.  This opens up alot of possibilities and honestly, brings GameSalad up to speed with most of their competitors, who have had HTML5 publishing for some time.

Questions Remain

The big questions will be whether this means there will be some way to interface GameSalad with external payment sources.  While the In-App Purchase APIs work fine within one of the app stores, once you go HTML5, you will have to handle the payments yourself, unless GameSalad integrates with some payment systems like Paypal, etc.  Still, for those who want to publish their games on the web and have them available for browsers, you just got your wish!

We’ll have to see how this evolves in the coming days.

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    John Cressman the Editor-in-Chief at He is also a web programmer, game programmer, instructor, and a big proponent of cross platform development tools for mobile game development.

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