What goes in to video game development?

driving gamesThere are many people who turn to video games in order to escape reality. But how many of them know how much hard work and effort goes into creating video games? The video game development process is a complex one and in order for a video game to be considered good, it needs to have a good concept, story and character development. Game development isn’t as simple as it looks. Let’s try and explain how it works by breaking it into 4 stages:

Developing the idea

This is the first stage in game development. A team of designers have to work together in order to create a games concept and come up with its basic idea. The first thing they need to decide is the game’s genre. Is it going to be a shooter, action-adventure, adventure, simulation, role playing, strategy game, etc.? Once this has been determined, they need to get started on the concept.

Character and story development

Here, the main character of the story will need to be developed. If a game is to be successful, the player has to be able to identify with this main character and want to play out their story. The surrounding environment will also need to be designed at this time. In order for the environment to be created properly, the way the player is going to interact with it needs to be determined. Once these details have been established, the concept will be submitted for approval by decision-makers. If approved, the game’s development is approved and will move forward.

Creating scenes

As far as scene creation is concerned, scenarios need to be developed. The main story is the first thing which needs to be described in great detail. The main focus here should be on the communication between the game and the player. This communication is very important when it comes to the passing of information towards the player without making the story less engaging. Once the major scenes are sketched, the special effects and background music will then be created. Everything developed at this stage is done with one goal, capturing the attention of the player and retaining it.

Production and testing

Once the concept has been created fully and all of the ideas and sketches are completed, it is time for the game to come out of their imagination and become a reality. This is where programmers are going to start working on preparing the code for all of the scenes and characters which have been described earlier. The graphics are also going to be fine-tuned at this stage so that everything comes to life. Everyone on a development team will need to work together at this stage in order for the game to be a success. Once programming is complete, testers come into play. They start searching for any bugs or potential bugs in the game which might hamper the player’s experience. These bugs are removed and the game play is smoothed out and only after that is the game is ready for its initial release.

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