Having Fun with Minecraft

MinecraftThis weekend, I took my nephews and two of my nieces to see Marvel Universe Live, along with 2 of my brothers and my 2 sisters.  We had a great time and the kids especially enjoyed the show!  Marvel really knows how to put on a great show!

Minecraft – Who Knew?

My older nephew (well, the oldest one there at least) mentioned that he has been playing around with Minecraft alot and has really been getting into making mods for it.  I had no idea that he was becoming a Mincraft modder!  That’s really cool.  I have a passing knowledge of Minecraft but never really got into it, but as I talked with my nephew, I learned that my other nephews enjoy it as well.  The younger ones mostly enjoy running through other peoples worlds or building things.  And apparently they play it on all sorts of devices – from iPads to Galaxy phones to computesr… to their xbox’s!  It’s actually quite amazing that it’s become so popular.

What to Use?

I started looking at what goes into making mods for Minecraft, to see if I could help him out or work with him on some mods – which would be a cool uncle/nephew project.  I found out that Minecraft is actually written in Java – which I know and have programmed in for web development and some Android programming.  So learning a language isn’t really an issue.  Plus, it looks like I can use some of my existing tools that I use and I think I may need to load a different version of JDK(Java Development Kit), as I understand the Minecraft only works with certain versions of Java, so I’ll need to make sure that both mine and my nephew’s versions are up to date – and that we’re using the same version to make sure that there are no compatiabity issues if we’re working on the same thing.

Where to Store It

I’m also looking at how we can share the code and work on it at the same time.  For now, maybe we can just use Google Drive or Dropbox to share the files, since there is only the two of us.  I’m not sure that taking the time and effort involved in loading some sort of source code management software is really worth it.

Hosting Our World

Once we create a mod, he mentioned wanting to have his own server.  I started looking into that and it’s actually pretty reasonable.  If you check out companies that specialize in Minecraft hosting, like Brink Hosting, you’ll see it’s actually really affordable to get some good quality hosting.  I’m not sure how much resources we’ll need – it will really depend on the mod and the popularity.  It will probably just be something he’s sharing with his friends, but it should still be alot of fun!

Once I finish up the GameSalad course, it looks like I have my next project in the queue!


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