Making Mods for ATS

truckMy one nephew is heavily into the simulator and one of his latest passions seems to be the American Truck Simulator game.  It’s an amazing simulator in which you get the step into the shoes of a professional truck driver.  It’s not really something I am into, but like a young boy, he loves every thing to do with large trucks, trains and other vehicles.  And of course, being the modders and programmer that I am, he has come to me to ask for some help with some American Truck Simulator mods.  And of course, being the great uncle that I am, I did offer to help him out.

Of course, when he first told me about it, I had no idea what it even was.  Actually, I still wonder how HE found out about it.  I guess I’ll have to ask him about it – but then again, who knows.  He’s a kid.  He has plenty of time to do searches and watch youtube videos.  I wish I had that sort of time.  But that’s the great thing about being a kid.  You have plenty of time to check things out.

Anyway, as I started looking into it, I actually realized it looks pretty nice.  The graphics are impressive and it seems like you can mod just about everything.  Of course, I’ll really have to look into ATS mods more closely but right now it looks like you can mod nearly every aspect of the game – the trucks, the trailers, the maps, the interiors, the cars on the roads next to you, buses, etc.  It’s actually pretty impressive.  The roads are a really interesting aspect as it looks like they have some really great highways with some amazing scenery.  I wonder if they have any highways near us.  That would actually be really cool if my nephew could drive a rig up and down the roads where we live.  But I doubt they’d have our local roads since we’re not near any major highways or big city.

I told him I would help, so right now he’s trying to figure out what he wants to mod.  At the very least, he wants me to mod the side of the truck to say his name – or his nickname, etc.  I do have some skill with Photoshop so if I can get a template, it should be easy to modify it.  As far as the other items, like the routes and even adding things like trains, I don’t know.  I’ll have to look at the specs and find out whether there is scripting involved and if so, what language they are using.  But right now, I don’t know enough about it.

Until then, we’ll work on the items we can – the skins, the maps, the truck and the trailer.  That should be enough for now. But it should be a great project.  Once I get all the details and we start building some ATS mods, it will be a lot of fun.



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