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Online games have been our addition for the past several years we have played this games every single day of our lives, but what game can be more addictive than This game has been on the market for less than 3 months and in those 3 months on the market they have managed to gather 20 million users from all around the world to play this game every day of their lives.
For the ones who don’t know this game they may ask themselves why is this game so popular, some may say because of the game concept or the game design, but my opinion is that this game is popular mostly because of the skins that they offer to the players.

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The biggest breakthrough that this game had was when they made the officials skins which became instant hit on the game. Players from all around the world started to enjoy in the skins, but some of the skins became more popular than the game itself, like for example the doge skin.

Doge Skin

For those who don’t know what does the skin stand for I am going to give you a quick intro for the skin description? Doge is a world famous internet meme who became instantly popular among the internet community all around the world in just few days and now we have the privilege to enjoy it as a skin

Reedit Skin

Also among the most popular skins on is the reddit skin which is more used than all of the skins. I think that there shouldn’t be an explanation for the reddit skin because everyone knows what reddit is and owes a lot to them because they were the first to promote this game and from there the game went skyrocket and got 20 million users.

Skins skins

The end goal that the developers of this game had with adding the skins was to improve the competition among the players. They added several types of skins at first they added the national flags skins, graphics skins, brand skins and at the end as icing on the cake they added the politician skins which broth a different kind of trill to the game that it wasn’t there, but with adding those skins the developers created something that wasn’t planed. At the end when the results arrived the game duplicated their users and now they are the top growing game on the market.

Skins flag skins

We all have that feeling that we have got to do something for our county at least once in our lives and playing with a national flag skin on can give you that feel. If you feel like representing your country to a worldwide level in front of the whole world then use the skin of your country and if your country doesn’t have a skin then contact and they will make sure that your skin will be added on the game as soon as possible.

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